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Ushuaia - End of the World Sign (Fin del Mundo)

Ushuaia has long been regarded as the southernmost city in the world, declared by the famous “End of the World” sign by its city port. Located at the southern tip of Argentina, the city that was once so remote from modern civilization has become the hub of international tourism to the Antarctica. The city is located on the shores of the Beagle Channel at the southern tip of the Tierra del Fuego Island in Patagonia region and surrounded by the Martial Mountains. The Beagle Channel serves as a border between Argentina and Chile.

Ushuaia (pronounced “u-su-ai-ya”) comes from the language of the yámanas or yaghanes indians, its original inhabitants. The word means “bay that penetrates westward.”

For Argentine people, Ushuaia began to be known in the early twentieth century when the Argentine government decided to build a prison there to isolate repeat offenders and serious criminals. The prison of Ushuaia is part of the city’s history and the prisoners were the “first settlers”, spending much of their time building the town with timber from the forest around the prison. The prisoners also built a railway to the settlement, now a tourist attraction known as the End of the World Train (Tren del Fin del Mundo), the southernmost railway in the world. The city was founded on October 12, 1884.

Today, Ushuaia is a tourist city with international airport and all necessary services. It is also a cruise port and the closest deepwater port to the Antarctic Peninsula.

Itinerary & Attractions

00. Antarctic Expedition

01. Flying to Ushuaia
02. Ushuaia City Tour
03. Ushuaia Casino
04. Ushuaia Government House (Casa de Gobierno de Tierra del Fuego)
05. Las Hayas Resort Hotel & Patagonian Lunch
06. Boarding Le Boreal
07. Ushuaia Port Skyline
08. Sailing through Beagle Channel
09. Ushuaia Port

10. End of the World Museum
11. End of the World Sign
12. Malvinas Monument (Falkland Islands)
13. St. Christopher Shipwreck
14. Ushuaia Sunset
15. Ushuaia Night City Skyline
16. Ushuaia Light Painting
17. Tierra del Fuego National Park Tour
18. End of the World Railway Station
19. Southernmost Golf Course
City Skyline - Ushuaia Port, Argentina | FollowPanda.COM

Ushuaia City Skyline

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